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Interview with Urs

A recent interview with Urs and a small peek behind the scenes at our Berlin office.

New Zebra2 Soundset: Traveller

Traveller soundset

Our latest soundset for Zebra2 is now available.

For Traveller we teamed up with composer and sound designer Samuel Bereczky. Bereczky forges a path between early electronica/ambient and his own background in orchestral soundtracks.

With Traveller's range of imaginatively designed sounds you will find plenty of useful and inspiring material for your next project. Move between experimental and organic, ambient and sci-fi, abstract and rhythmic with this versatile collection.

Traveller: more information and sound demos

New Diva Soundset: Oxide

Oxide soundset

Our latest soundset for Diva comes from sound designer and composer The Unfinished. Oxide draws upon the worlds of dark cinematic soundtracks and atmospheric techno for inspiration. Smoky textures and grit mix to form a palette of colours and moods to fuel your musical experiments.

The 128 presets showcase Diva's analogue spirit with a collection of twisted rhythms, growling basses and warm shimmering surfaces.

Oxide: more information and sound demos

Repro-1 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of Repro-1.

Repro-1 is a reverent model of a vintage monosynth, recreated with all the raw personality and quirks of the original, but with a charm all of its own. Like the original, Repro-1 is a fierce synth: hard working, raw sounding and immensely playable.

Repro-1 release

Repro-1 follows in the footsteps of Diva—striving for authentic analogue sound—but attains new levels of accuracy with component-level modelling. The classic design belies Repro-1's fierce capabilities: thumping basses, ghostly screams, wild sequences... and maybe an '80s cover song or two.

More details and demo song are available on the Repro-1 product page.

Diva's 5th Birthday Event

Diva Birthday Event

Update: This event is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated... enjoy your new software.

This month marks 5 years since we introduced Diva to the world. Good looks and stunning sound paved the way for Diva to become an icon of analogue modelling. We are proud of what we achieved and how Diva has become a vital part of so many musicians' creative work. We look forward to sharing many more years of Diva's story with you.

In this spirit, we celebrate Diva—and we all know that divas love a party! And parties need presents, so...

  • From November 24 until November 29 (11:59AM CET), Diva is 30% off. We have reduced the price already, no coupons needed. Just visit the Diva page, add Diva to your shopping cart and celebrate.
  • If you already own Diva, or other u-he plug-ins, we have coupons for you. The more plug-ins you own, the greater the discount. Visit this page for details and to receive your coupon.

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