Zebra's 10th anniversary!

It was December 2003 when Zebra 1.0 was released, and we're celebrating this anniversary with

  • a new Distortion module
  • Howard's anniversary soundset
  • AAX support for Pro Tools 10 & 11

- all packaged nicely in a free upgrade to Version 2.7!

It all began with an innocent little synthesizer for Apple's newly introduced Audio Units (AU) platform. Zebra was one of the very first instrument plug-ins available for this format, long before even the biggest companies had those in stock:

Zebra 1.0 Performance and Synthesis (2003)

The Performance tab with 4 XY Controls was already in there, and visual artist Cris Pearson snuck a number of bogus advertisements into it. The Synthesis view, however, looked nothing like it does today. Zebra 1.0 had a modular architecture underneath the hood, but there was no user interface to change its signal flow. This happened later, when Version 1.5 came out in 2004:

Zebra 1.5 (2004)

This version already featured the patching grid between the two racks for the generator and modulator panels. Our first take on Multi-Stage Envelope Generators (MSEGs) was also included.

Zebra was still a Mac-only product at that time. However, due to popular demand and because the first large "group buy" organised by the Logic User Group caught the eyes of Windows users, Urs decided to rewrite Zebra from the ground up, with cross-platform compatibility in mind.

Zebra 2.0 (2006)Zebra 2.5 (2009)

It took more than two years until Zebra 2.0 was finally released in October 2006 - this time for both MacOS X and Windows. From then on things went quickly. Howard Scarr discovered Zebra and completely revamped the factory presets. Shortly thereafter, Hans Zimmer decided to make Zebra his go-to soft synth. He asked Howard to co-design Zebra sounds for "The Dark Knight" movie, followed by several more blockbusters over the next few years.

Since then, Zebra2 has undergone 6 major updates, culminating in the current "anniversary" version, Zebra 2.7. We are now preparing for a second major rewrite, and hope to have Zebra3 finished within a year - fingers crossed!

Further improvements at a glance:

  • AAX support for Pro Tools 10 & 11
  • parameter locking feature, e.g. lock microtuning when browsing presets
  • improved installers
  • Zebralette no longer displays "enter serial number"
  • … and many more minor bugs and niggles fixed!

To get this, just download from Zebra's website or right here:

Zebra 2.7 AAX/VST/VST3 for Windows
Zebra 2.7 AAX/AU/VST/VST3 for Mac

Note: As always with our software, you can download and install over the previous version. You don't need to log into your account or re-register - simply follow the instructions in the manual.


Urs & team

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