Presswerk 1.0 released

Presswerk 1.0 is ready! Amid a flurry of year-end activity, we are pleased to announce the release of Presswerk - our new dynamics processor toolkit

Presswerk 1.0 interface

Presswerk is u-he's vision of a compressor, blending the tone and warmth of classic hardware models with modern features. The interface gives you quick access to all the controls, with a diverse feature set that lets you tweak every detail of your sound. Presswerk is a compressor toolkit rich with musical soul that also packs a punch when you need it.

System requirements and feature list are on the Presswerk page.

Buy Presswerk Now

Price is $129 (+ VAT in EU)

or download and try the demo:

Download Presswerk 1.0 for Mac (VST2 / AU / AAX)
Download Presswerk 1.0 for Windows (VST2 / AAX)

If you are looking for an in depth report on Presswerk, Marc Mozart has just posted the first of a two part review of Presswerk. Read the review and sign up for his free course at the Marc Mozart website.

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