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Hive already comes with a massive collection of factory presets, but sometimes you need fresh inspiration, you’re looking for that perfect sound for your project or would like to explore a new genre. We understand, and that’s why we’ve been asking top sound designers to create exclusive new soundsets for Hive...


Catalyst soundset for Hive
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Catalyst is a collection of 150 sounds from the library of DJ / producer Kabuki. These presets act as creative sparks for your next productions — delivering “ready to go” options or jumping off points for new ideas. Whichever direction you go, Catalyst acts as a powerful trigger for your imagination and explorations.

Catalyst contains 150 presets drawn from the underground sound of bass music, hip hop, juke, drum and bass, and dubstep. Each preset highlights Hive’s powerful oscillators, warm filters and extensive modulation potential. Packed with low-end basses, atmospheric pads, jagged leads and tempo-synced loops, Catalyst is a potent ingredient in your musical experiments.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Catalyst

Demo songs using presets from the soundset:

Catalyst by Kabuki
A dark, slow half-time influenced track by the soundset author.
All sounds from Catalyst.

High energy rolling track in the classic drum n bass style.
All sounds from Catalyst except the drum break and drum samples.

Popsicle by Oddvar
A synth pop and disco flecked electronic track.
All sounds from Catalyst except the drums.


About the Author

A veteran of Germany’s drum and bass scene, Kabuki has been manipulating breaks and grooves since the 1990s. Whether hip hop, juke, bass or jungle, he is always pursuing new beat experiments.


Hive Science

Hive Science soundset for Hive
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Hive Science by Howard Scarr and Kevin Schröder, a collaboration between two generations of sound designers at the top of their game. The 300+ presets cover a lot of ground, from edgy cinematic stomps through EDM essentials to brain-warping sound effects. This collection showcases the skill of the sound designers as well as the capabilities of Hive — perfect inspiration for your next track!

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Hive Science

Demo songs using presets from the soundset:

First World by Kevin Schröder
Movie score inspired demo.

Two Worlds by Kevin Schröder (tune by Howard Scarr)
A mellow electronica track.

A crisp, punchy techno piece from Oddvar.


A little broken beat flavour powers this demo song created by Oddvar.

About the Authors

Howard Scarr: Howard has been tweaking synthesizers ever since 1973 when he co-founded the UK’s first all-synthesizer band Zorch. Over 40 years later, now a u-he employee, Howard is still obsessed with synthesizers. You can hear Howard's creations in several movie soundtracks including The Dark Knight, Angels & Demons and Inception.

Kevin Schröder: Kevin cut his sound-design teeth on the Commodore 64 back in the '90s. Now an established freelancer (Access Virus, Roland Aira / JDXA) and demo composer, Kevin augments his mastery of "digital edge" with affectionate nods to analogue synthesizer history. You can hear Kevin's creations in the soundtrack to Men in Black 3. Visit Kevin's YouTube channel.


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