Repro-5 Public Beta

We are pleased to start the public beta for Repro-5. Repro-5 shares a lot of sonic DNA with Repro-1, but draws inspiration from an even more iconic vintage synthesizer. You will find the familiar rough and raw sounds of Repro-1, but with a few differences, new flavours and characteristics. Most notably, of course, is polyphony

Repro-5 public beta

Download the Repro-5 beta from our KVR forum.

Available in VST, AU AAX and NKS formats for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Since Repro-5 and Repro-1 are family, at the end of the beta period we will combine them into a single product called Repro. One product, one installer, two synths.

We are offering an introductory discount for the Repro bundle: from November 17 to December 31st, 2017 purchase Repro (Repro-1 + Repro-5) for $99. Starting January 1st 2018, Repro’s final price will be $149 (plus applicable taxes).

Purchase Repro.

If you already own Repro-1, Repro-5 is a free update for you. Simply download and install the new beta and your existing Repro-1 serial number will unlock Repro-5.

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