Zebra 64-bit out in the wild!

Zebra goes 64 bit

Zebralette now free

Upgrade from Zebra V1.x now free

Two new oscillator spectral effects

u-he proudly presents a new version of Zebra: V2.5.1 is now available for download. With numerous improvements including new oscillator effects, additional presets and 64-bit support, version 2.5.1 is much more than a normal maintenance update.

download Zebra 2.5.1 for Mac

download Zebra 2.5.1 for PC

We have also decided to offer Zebralette for free! Zebralette started out as "magware" and then became part of the Zebra bundle as a learning tool for Zebra's powerful oscillators. Zebralette is still automatically installed together with Zebra, but now has no demo limitations. Read more about Zebralette here.

Last but not least, we have dropped the old $20 charge for upgrading from Zebra1 AU to Zebra2. All Zebra1.x license owners can retrieve a free Zebra 2.5 license from the support section

key changes

  • adds more than 70 new factory presets (Howard Scarr)
  • adds a bunch of Zebrify presets (Tasmodia)
  • includes completely new, well-structured manuals
  • adds two new spectral effects (Phase Distortion and Wrap)
  • includes native 64-bit support for Mac AU and VST Win
  • adds Cocoa view to AU version
  • loud spikes while switching presets now eliminated
  • improved timing stability for swing (affects LFOs and arpeggiator)
  • improved timing for MSEGs
  • improved CPU usage for RTAS (Mac) version
  • RTAS (Mac) now supports ctrl+alt+cmd+click (“3-finger salute”) automation
  • improved installers, take Win7 permissions issues into account
  • Zebralette is now freeware, includes extra presets (also by Howard)
  • various bugs and niggles fixed, minor GUI improvements
  • upgrade from Zebra1 AU is now free

click here to download electronic press kit (EPK)

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