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Satin is Out!

We took a journey back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording. We wanted to recreate all kinds of tape machines in software, from the ground up. After many months spent on research, measurement and on developing an architecture that would be flexible enough for the job, we knew we had nailed it...

It'll be $89 USD (+ VAT in EU) until October 7th 2013, then $129 USD

Everything else is on Satin's product page


Urs & team

Satin 1.1

your feedback is our inspiration

Satin 1.1

We have released an updated version of our SATIN Tape Machine. Apart from a few bugfixes, version 1.1 offers several improvements including a wider range of tape speeds, an automatic mute function for hiss/asperity, and an improved wow & flutter function. The update is free for owners of version 1.0, and is ready for download from here

Note: As always with our software, you can download and install over the previous version. You don't need to log into your account or re-register - simply follow the instructions in the manual.


Urs & team

Modular Fantasy in 3D: Bazille!

In an attempt to lighten the mood of those waiting impatiently for Bazille to finally arrive, we have prepared a collection of frivolously alluring wallpapers - an enticing peek into what the final GUI will look like...

Select your resolution here     and click   DOWNLOAD   (or right-click and "Save As").


Bazille development was put on hold around the time of the Frankfurt Musikmesse, because we realized that other features deserved more attention for the time being:

  • Supporting Pro Tools AAX
  • Completing Satin
  • Releasing the long-awaited Diva update

However, now that we have Rob Clifton-Harvey on the team, Urs and Clem can get through those chores much faster, and will be free to focus on finishing Bazille very soon.

So go ahead and download your new Bazille wallpaper to make your desktop look better than ever. Enjoy!

Captain Urs and the crew

Updates Spring 2013

Free updates for ACE, Diva, Zebra2, Uhbik, MFM2, Filterscape, Podolski, Triple Cheese and The Dark Zebra have arrived!

  • supported formats now include VST3 (Mac/Win) and 64-bit VST2 (Mac).
  • new installers with improved support for Windows 7/8 and OS X Mountain Lion.
  • numerous niggles and bugs fixed. (see changelog)

Available now - simply download and follow instructions.

Note for users of The Dark Zebra: TDZ (including ZebraHZ) is now a separate install from Zebra2. It should be installed after Zebra2 and registered using Zebra's serial number. To have access to updates, The Dark Zebra owners will need to set up an account at u-he's support page.

Hotfix for VST2 Mac

We've uploaded new Mac versions (revision 1560) for those who can't find Uhbik-D or Zebrify as VST2 Mac 32/64 bit. This was related to a hiccup on our build servers which is now fixed - two text files were corrupted. Just download and install again. (There is no need to update if you use VST3/AU only, or if you're on Windows)

Musikmesse 2013

u-he at Musikmesse 2013
We're just back from an amazing week at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. We met many friends, had great chats wih hundreds of people and we had an outstanding portfolio of announcements:


Satin Tape Machine

Satin is a tape simulation plug-in, plus tape delay and true flanging. Under-the-hood features include record / playback head calibration, tape coating selection, NR-encoding/decoding. Satin created an overwhelming buzz during the show, we can't wait to get it out to you!

Satin is coming in June (we hope) for VST2, VST3, AU (AAX tba), price circa USD 129

Satin Screenshot

Read more: Musikmesse 2013

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