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"Missing GUI" fix

Recent updates to Logic Pro X, Mainstage and GarageBand may be causing some u-he plugins to exhibit a "missing GUI" error - the plugin will load but the GUI is not visible.

We have created updates to our plugins, and our testing shows these versions correct the problem. To apply the fix, please download and install these latest versions over your existing installation.

Download latest builds from our forum.

NOTE: Owners of ZebraHZ need to download the latest build via their account.

March 2015 Updates

ace bazille zebra

Hi all,

We've compiled a quick update for ACE, Bazille and Zebra2.

Most of it is fixes for little bugs and niggles, but there's also a couple of new features added. Zebra and ACE now feature 10% GUI scaling. ACE now has multichannel MIDI. All work in Pro Tools 12, and the Undo function works after switching presets. The "Missing GUI" fix for Zebra is now in the official download.

We've also moved all our current release versions into a handy little directory:

Just download these new versions and install them over your existing ones!


- Urs

A comprehensive change log can be found in our support forum (click).

Firefox issues

We are aware of a problem that can occur when using recent updates of Firefox with our shopping cart. If you are affected, please use another browser for now while we work to figure it out.

UPDATE: A temporary fix is to switch the display language of the apparently empty cart to another language and then back again, using the dropdown box in the top right corner of the checkout page. This will make the product(s) appear in the cart, you can then continue the checkout process.

To avoid any further issues related to this bug, we suggest to either downgrade to the previous stable Firefox 34.0.5 release, or to update your installation to the current Firefox 36.0b2 Beta which seems to mend this problem.

Switching to a different browser will also avoid the issue.

New Presswerk video

To help spread the word about the release of Presswerk, we put together a short promo video.

Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again, when we get festive and take holidays. Please note from December 22 until January 5 the u-he offices will be closed. A limited amount of support will be offered via the forum, but it will be slower than normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at u-he!

PS. We released a preview version of Hive for you to try out. Download and more information here.

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