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Presswerk 1.0 released

Presswerk 1.0 is ready! Amid a flurry of year-end activity, we are pleased to announce the release of Presswerk - our new dynamics processor toolkit

Presswerk 1.0 interface

Presswerk is u-he's vision of a compressor, blending the tone and warmth of classic hardware models with modern features. The interface gives you quick access to all the controls, with a diverse feature set that lets you tweak every detail of your sound. Presswerk is a compressor toolkit rich with musical soul that also packs a punch when you need it.

System requirements and feature list are on the Presswerk page.

If you are looking for an in depth report on Presswerk, Marc Mozart has just posted the first of a two part review of Presswerk. Read the review and sign up for his free course at the Marc Mozart website.

Filterscape & MFM2

As our product line continues to grow, the website is straining to keep up. Mainly, the product navigation row can only hold so many items, which means we need to move MFM2 and Filterscape to make way for new products. But fear not, this does not mean those products are being abandoned or ignored. You can find them in the right-hand product list, and both products will be receiving updates next year.

Also, we are working to improve the website so it can keep up with our growing product line.

u-he customer survey

To help us get to know our customers a little better, we are running a small survey and would appreciate your help by filling it out. The survey is anonymous and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

To thank you for your time, at the end of the survey there will be an option to receive a coupon code for $25 off.

This coupon can be used for any software purchase on - merchandise (shirts & hoodies), soundsets and transfer tokens excluded. It is only usable once and is non-refundable.

UPDATE: Survey is now closed.
You can take the u-he customer survey here.

It's mobile friendly, so you can use your phone / tablet if you wish.

u-he team

Make them dance!

Something is brewing at u-he headquarters...

Bazille 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of Bazille 1.0 for Mac OS X and Windows (VST2, AU & AAX formats - 32bit & 64bit).

Bazille screen shot

Bazille is a monster hybrid modular. Digital oscillators combined with analogue-style filters and realistic effects. The flexibility of patching up modules offers a huge sonic range: Robust basses and leads, delicate fantasy textures, loping rhythms, modular glitches and much more. Discover Bazille for yourself – download the demo, and start patching now...

Check out the specifications and system requirements on Bazille’s product page.

Also, check out our new video announcing the release of Bazille to the world:

Urs & team

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