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New tutorials, ACE manual, synth

We've been silent for a while, but far from idle! Urs and Clemens are still working feverishly on our NEW SYNTH. If all goes well, there'll be a major announcement soon.

Pontificator Ensconced in uhe's southern outpost near Frankfurt, I have been making some more Zebra2 and ACE tutorials. Improve your programming skills in bite-sized, easy-to-swallow chunks: go to the uheplugins YouTube channel

The ACE User Guide has been updated, with internal references, all recent features etc.. Navigable and detailed, more like the new Zebra2, MFM2 and Uhbik manuals. Documentation is FUN (so there!)
8<:^)> Howie

Zebra 64-bit out in the wild!

Zebra goes 64 bit

Zebralette now free

Upgrade from Zebra V1.x now free

Two new oscillator spectral effects

Read more: Zebra 64-bit out in the wild!

The Newsletter

What if you didn't get the newsletter?

So we did the whole "forensic thing" and went through almost 10 years of customer data in order to match email addresses, follow up license transfers and check for newsletter subscriptions. A little over 50% of u-he customers opted for product information when they bought something. A few hundred mails bounced, of course!

Read more: The Newsletter

New Website

So here's the new website for u-he...

The old website was nice and all, but it was also very old and hard to maintain. It was mostly hand-coded, which bloats once you've got more than two product pages to care for. Product pages were spread across several domains. Slowly there would be a lack of corporate identity. Embracing the new u-he logo was a painful act with the old page, so it never happened.

Now we have a real content management system, we have a consolidated website with all products and services in one single spot. Each product has its own page, with condensed information, better presentation, fresh media content and everything.

Also, we're taking the interactive path with our customer support tool, newsletter via MailChimp, social network services like Twitter and Facebook – hopefully improved service in general...

I think it's gonna be good.


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