Diva Soundsets

Diva Soundsets

Diva comes with a large and varied factory preset library, but sometimes you need fresh inspiration, new sounds or new genres to delve into. To encourage your explorations with Diva, we asked top sound designers to create exclusive new soundsets packed with pads, leads, basses, sequences and much more.


Atmos soundset for Diva
Buy Now $30 USD

☆ NEW  Atmos inhabits the space between the real and the fantastical. Bjulin's work evokes the dimension, emotion and atmosphere of various scenes—like floating high above the clouds or standing at the edge of a mysterious forest.

All 128 presets in this collection of arpeggios, leads, pads and ambient effects are permeated with a sense of space. Bjulin created the pure sounds to be sophisticated from the start, but applying Diva's built-in effects thoughtfully, he manage to highlight each unique atmosphere and ambience.

Atmos is especially well suited for ambient, chillout and downtempo music, but can fit easily into almost any of your music projects.

Download the full preset list and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Atmos

Demo songs using presets from the soundset:

Demo Track

Ethereal electronic track showing off some of Atmos' presets.


About the Author

Yoel Kumbolu a.k.a. Bjulin became interested in synthesizers at a very young age after discovering rave music in the 1990s, and has been producing electronic music ever since. Atmos is Bjulin's first soundset to be distributed by u-he.



Oxide soundset for Diva
Buy Now $30 USD

Oxide blends two worlds. Atmospheric techno and dark cinematic soundscapes interweave to form a strangely harmonious palette of colours. Gritty, smoky textures provide plenty of organic fuel for your own experiments. Each of the 128 presets was tailored to get your creative juices going on real-world projects. Explore the brooding landscapes, shimmering atmospheres, the gritty rhythms… then make them your own.

Download the full preset list and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Oxide

A couple of demo tracks highlighting Oxide's sounds.

Kill Switch

The Unfinished shows off his own soundset with a sweeping, dark techno track.
All sounds from Oxide except the drums.

Out There We Belong

An emotive, cinematic ambient piece by Stephan Baer.
All sounds from Oxide except the drums.

Sticks and Stones

The Unfinished treats us to a gurgling electronic track filled with lush, rich pads
All sounds from Oxide except the drums.

The Unfinished gives a walkthrough of Oxide's presets:

About the Author

Matt Bowdler (The Unfinished) is a London based composer and sound designer. His work has been featured in Hollywood films (Jason Bourne, Mad Max, Ghostbusters), hit TV shows (Mr Robot, Fear the Walking Dead, Silent Witness) and AAA game scores (Far Cry: Primal, Star Citizen, Titanfall 2). Matt has worked with composers such as Trevor Morris, Clinton Shorter, Sascha Dikiciyan and Jason Graves. Visit The Unfinished's website.



Performer soundset for Diva
Buy Now $30 USD

Even if you are not a keyboard wizard, synth presets that go way beyond bread-and-butter when you dig into them can make all the difference to the character of your tracks.

Howard Scarr created Performer to help you out.

Each preset was crafted for maximum expression with carefully balanced ranges: Up to 5 dimensions of control warp each sound in a variety of musically satisfying ways.

Equally at home in the recording studio or on stage, the 130 instruments in Performer span 40 years of synth keyboard history: Polyphonic string, brass and organ sounds, monophonic leads and basses… plus a bunch of playable arpeggios and effects designed to wow any audience. Now show Diva your best performance.

Download the full preset list and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Performer

Demo tracks showcasing some sounds found in Performer.

Tech House

Performer takes on a contemporary techno / house style of music.
All sounds from Performer except the drums.


A slow loopy electronica track.
All sounds from Performer except the drums.

A walkthrough of some of Performer's presets:



Deform soundset for Diva
Buy Now 39USD

Deform discards any preconceived notions about what Diva should sound like. Radical modular glitches, beautifully fractured pads and mysterious leads set the stage to push Diva out its natural comfort zone into strange sonic territories. Sound designer Kyhon has crafted a surprising and unique collection of over 500 sounds showcasing Diva at its most extreme.

Download the full preset list and Read Me (PDF).

Listen to Deform

A few short demo songs to hear what comes with this soundset:


A taste of Deform with a breakbeat inspired track from Eitan Nemet.
All sounds from Deform except the kick and snare.


Eitan Nemet provides a trippy intense track made with Deform sounds.
All sounds from Deform except the kick, snare and bass.

Click and Cuts

Flickering, moody electronica track with a bit of "clicks and cuts" style by Oddvar.


About the Author

Kyhon is an avant-garde sound designer and music producer living in Tel Aviv who likes to push boundaries: “I want to tell a story — or at least evoke a vision — through my sounds and my music. The power to surprise an audience is very important to me, and I'd like to let them know that there is no limit to human imagination.” Visit Kyhon's website.


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