Howard Scarr

some trivia about Howie...


grumpy old hippie hailing from Hull, England

father was engineer / inventor.

calls his receding hairline "my expanding forehead".

lives in (and loves) Bad Vilbel, Germany.

grew up at the coast, North Sea.

scoffs seafood and chocolate like there's no tomorrow.

drinks tea, coffee and soupe de poisson - in that order.

total synth fanatic since 1972, makes sounds all day.

formed synth band zorch (1973) under the name gwyo zepix. don't ask.

extremely picky about synth audio quality, hates aliasing etc.

work experience: fork-lift truck driver, fish-packer, stunt-team aide.

huge fan of the niche music genre "canterbury scene".

misses melody in modern music. likes alliteration.

favourite video genre: comedy sci-fi.

smokes like a chimney - just can't kick the habit.

accepted various job offers by acclaimed industry leaders ;-)

more to come...

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