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High Sierra (Mac OS X 10.13) Compatibility

Apple's newest version of the macOS, High Sierra (10.13), is now available. We have been testing our plug-ins for compatibility with the help of some of customers. While our plug-ins work with High Sierra, we have identified a few issues:

  • Presets are not listed in alphabetical order. The introduction of a new file system in macOS High Sierra causes presets to be unsorted.
  • After installing any u-he plug-in you will need to reboot your computer for the plug-in to work.
  • AU plug-ins do not load in GarageBand. This seems to affect u-he plug-ins as well as other companies.

We are working to make all our plug-ins compatible with High Sierra, if you have any questions please contact our support team.

Bitwig and u-he promotion 2017

u-he and Bitwig Promotion

NOTE: This promotion is now over

Summer is winding down… the days are growing shorter, the weather is cooling off. Which, of course, means more time to spend in the studio making music.

Special offer

To make the jump back into the studio even more enticing, we partnered with fellow Berlin software developers Bitwig for a September special offer.

From September 1st through 12th, u-he customers will receive 100€ off Bitwig Studio Standard or the Bitwig 8-track upgrade. (Note: Bitwig Studio 2 EDU, upgrades from Bitwig Studio 1 and NFR licenses are not eligible for this discount.)

To claim your discount, log into your account and look for the big grey box with your code. Use this code when making your purchase in the shop. The coupon is valid until September 30th, 2017.

Log in and get your Bitwig discount

If you do not have a account, you can create one here.

If you do not own any u-he software yet, you are still eligible for the Bitwig discount. Purchase any u-he plug-in during the promotion period and you will receive a discount code.

More goodies…

Bitwig is also offering you something special this September.

When you purchase Bitwig Studio from September 1st through 12th, you get either Presswerk or Bazille for free. Will it be modular madness or a powerful compressor to add to your music? Your choice.

Bitwig Studio owners are not left out—until September 30th, existing Bitwig customers get 25% off any purchase at (Note: Transfer tokens and merchandise are not included in this offer)

For more information about both offers, go to Bitwig's website.

New Soundset: Atmos

Atmos soundset

Join Bujlin as he travels through spaces, both the real and the fantastical with Atmos, a new soundset for Diva. All 128 presets in this collection of arpeggios, leads, pads and ambient effects are permeated with a sense of space. Conjure outer space, empty buildings or windswept fields.

Bjulin created the pure sounds to be sophisticated from the start, but applying Diva's built-in effects thoughtfully, he manage to highlight each unique atmosphere and ambience.

Atmos: more info and sound demos

New Free Soundset: Tarot

Tarot soundset

Alexander Hacke delves into the rich history and themes of the Tarot deck to create an unconventional new Hive soundset: Tarot. The soundset winds sonic motifs and themes throughout—guided by the meaning and interpretations of each card. Immerse yourself and let the sounds guide you, or find your own path. And extra bonus: the soundset is a free download.

During this project we were lucky to get an opportunity to talk with Alexander about his creative work and his vision for the Tarot soundset. Watch the video.

Tarot: more info, sound demos, downloads and video interview

New Soundset: ReSequenced

ReSequenced soundset

ReSequenced is our first soundset for Repro-1. The focus is on Repro-1's sequencer—100 presets of percussive loops, basslines, melodies and more…

The collection fits perfectly into a studio project or in a live jamming session. Pick rhythmic flourishes and subtle shifting textures to finish up your latest track. Or record some on-the-fly tweaking to spark inspiration. ReSequenced keeps you rolling along with a wide range of styles and sounds.

ReSequenced: more info and sound demos

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