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Diva's 5th Birthday Event

Diva Birthday Event

Update: This event is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated... enjoy your new software.

This month marks 5 years since we introduced Diva to the world. Good looks and stunning sound paved the way for Diva to become an icon of analogue modelling. We are proud of what we achieved and how Diva has become a vital part of so many musicians' creative work. We look forward to sharing many more years of Diva's story with you.

In this spirit, we celebrate Diva—and we all know that divas love a party! And parties need presents, so...

  • From November 24 until November 29 (11:59AM CET), Diva is 30% off. We have reduced the price already, no coupons needed. Just visit the Diva page, add Diva to your shopping cart and celebrate.
  • If you already own Diva, or other u-he plug-ins, we have coupons for you. The more plug-ins you own, the greater the discount. Visit this page for details and to receive your coupon.

Repro-1 Public Beta

We are pleased to start the public beta for Repro-1. Repro-1 is a precise emulation of a vintage monosynth, recreated with all the raw personality and quirks of the original, but with a charm all of its own.

Repro-1 public beta

Repro-1 follows in the footsteps of Diva—striving for authentic analogue sound—but attains new levels of accuracy with component-level modelling. We worked hard to capture the behaviour and the aggressive sound of the original. And a few extra additions so Repro-1 fits in with modern workflows.

Like the original, Repro-1 is a fierce synth: hard working, raw sounding and immensely playable.

November 24 update:

A new beta version is out. This update includes many improvements and bug fixes, a complete library of factory presets, and much improved CPU usage. We expect to finish polishing and fixing stuff in the next couple of week and release the final version of Repro-1 on December 6th.

Download the new beta version of Repro-1 from our KVR forum.

Available in VST, AU AAX and NKS formats for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase Repro-1 with a 30% introductory discount during the public beta period. The $69 price will end on December 6th at midday CET, after which it will be $99 (+VAT in EU).

The purchase link is also found in the forum post.

New Zebra2 Soundset: Crystallia

Sound designer Enzalla created our latest Zebra2 soundset: Crystallia. The soundset spotlights Zebra2's cinematic side with an assortment of presets for composers and producers. For epic moments, frenetic action or emotional passages, Crystallia has something to help bring your music to life. And using Zebra2’s flexibility, the presets are only a few tweaks away from becoming your own.

If you are creating ambient, chill-out, film music or electronica, Crystallia's 150 sounds offer a wide range of options to add polish and shine to your compositions.

Crystallia: more information and sound example

New Hive Soundset: Catalyst

Catalyst soundset

For the latest Hive soundset we venture into the underground sounds of bass music, hip hop, and drum and bass. DJ / producer Kabuki collected 150 sounds from his library: low-end basses, atmospheric pads, jagged leads, tempo-synced loops and more.

Either "ready to go" options or jumping off points for your next tracks, Catalyst acts as a powerful trigger for your imagination and sound explorations.

Catalyst: more information and sound demos

Satin and Presswerk updates

Presswerk and Satin updates

Presswerk 1.1.1 and Satin 1.3 updates are now available. The updates are the last two maintenance releases for all our plug-ins we started last autumn.

Satin 1.3 includes a new preferences panel, VST3 support and improved MIDI learn functionality. A number of smaller bugs and host issues have also been fixed in this release.

Download Satin 1.3 for Mac OS X
Download Satin 1.3 for Windows
    Release notes for Satin

Presswerk 1.1.1 addresses a cross-platform incompatibility affecting the Windows VST2 version only. We created a webpage with more information about the cross-platform issue and solutions for handling it. Additionally, Presswerk 1.1.1 includes VST3 support and a number of bug fixes.

Download Presswerk 1.1.1 for Mac OS X
Download Presswerk 1.1.1 for Windows
    Release notes for Presswerk

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