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Torino Synth Meeting

Next week we will be at Torino Synth Meeting. Drop by our table and try out the plug-ins, find out the latest news about RePro-1, or just come and say 'hello'.

The event runs May 28-29 at the Bunker in Torino. Full details and timetable on the Synth Meeting website.

Impressions from Superbooth16

We returned from Superbooth16 with so many impressions. Under the magnificent ‘50s architecture of the Funkhaus Berlin we chatted with customers, mingled with other developers, caught up with old friends and enjoyed an absinthe or two in the afternoon sun. The event was a wonderful collision of synthesizers, concerts, presentations and technology—it felt more like a festival than a trade show.

The whole u-he team had a fantastic time, and we are eager for Superbooth17 next year.

u-he at Superbooth16 in Berlin u-he at Superbooth16 in Berlin u-he at Superbooth16 in Berlin u-he at Superbooth16 in Berlin u-he at Superbooth16 in Berlin

Read more: Impressions from Superbooth16

RePro-Alpha Available


Our latest "researchware" plug-in RePro-Alpha is ready. It's a first step in our recreation of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One monophonic synthesizer.

This free alpha version is a way for us to gather feedback on various filter models which will help us decide on the best implementation for the final version.

Please download RePro-Alpha, play with it, try the different filter models stuff, build an opinion, and then vote in this thread. Take your time and think about what differences you hear in the filter models and under what settings do hear the differences discuss.

More details and downloads.

Bitwig and u-he Promotion

Bitwig and u-he Promotion

NOTE: This promotion is now over.

Once again we have partnered with fellow Berlin software developers Bitwig for a special offer.

From March 23 until April 4, 2016, u-he customers can receive a discount of $50 / €50 off Bitwig Studio Standard download from the Bitwig web shop.
(Note: the discount does not apply to Producer Pack Bundle, NFR or EDU licenses)

To claim your discount, log in to your account and look for the big grey box with your code.
(Note: Soundsets, transfer tokens and merchandise are not eligible for this promotion).

→ Log In and Get Your Bitwig Discount

If you do not have a account yet, you can create one here.

If you do not own any u-he software (yet), you are still eligible for the Bitwig discount. Just purchase any u-he plug-in during the promotion period.

And there is more...

And there is more: Bitwig is giving away Presswerk, Satin or Hive with every purchase and registration of a Bitwig Studio license (Standard or upgrade from 8-Track) between March 23 and April 4, 2016. Read the details at Bitwig's website.

New Soundset for Diva - Deform

Deform soundset

The new soundset Deform is now available for Diva. Diva is known for it's authentic emulation of vintage synthesizers, but Deform pushes past any preconceived notions about what Diva should sound like. Sound designer Kyhon has created over 500 presets of beautifully fractured pads, modular effects, texture elements and experimental glitches. Explore these strange, captivating sonic possibilities as Deform pushes Diva to it's most extreme.

Deform: more information and sound demos

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