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ACE goes 1.3

An update to ACE is now available for Mac OS X and Windows, bringing ACE up to version 1.3. We spent some time chasing down bugs and adding new UI options, plus Howard has delivered lots of new presets. This is a free update for all owners of ACE - just download and install!


You can read the full change log if you like, but here are the highlights for the new version:

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Patch competitions are back.

With Bazille working it's way through the public beta, we thought we would encourage some creativity and bring back the u-he patch competitions.

u-he Patch Competition - Bazille Edition

We are well underway with the competition, there have been lots of great submissions and winners so far, with plenty more to come. To give everyone a chance to participate, we have divided the “Bazille edition” competition into multiple parts, with several categories in each part.

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Bazille Public Beta

After lurking around the u-he headquarters for many years, we're happy to announce that our "monster from the deep" - Bazille - has entered public beta and is available to download and test.

Bazille screen shot

You can download the Mac OS X and Windows beta versions of Bazille from this forum post.

UPDATE: We launched our first Bazille Patch Competition. Submit a patch and get a chance to win a u-he plug-in of choice!

If you're amazed by what you hear, you can purchase Bazille now at a 30% discount until two or three weeks after release (estimated for August 2014). Purchase Bazille here.

UPDATE July 24th: The download link now points to the latest public beta installer and the estimated release date was changed to something more realistic

Diva 1.3.1 Hotfix Update

Dear Diva Users

Unfortunately we forgot to take out a beta expiration check from our Diva 1.3 development. So from today (January 11th) Diva 1.3.0 and recent betas show "this demo expired" on top of its normal use interface.

We're very sorry for this glitch. Fixed versions for Mac and Windows are now available:

Diva 1.3.1 Win (rev 2165)

Diva 1.3.1 Mac (rev 2165)

As always, just download and install over your existing version. This fixes the glitch. It also brings back preset navigation with cursor keys, GUI updates when changing presets in AAX and a few other fixes that happend during recent weeks.

Thanks for your understanding,

- Urs & team

Zebra's 10th anniversary!

It was December 2003 when Zebra 1.0 was released, and we're celebrating this anniversary with

  • a new Distortion module
  • Howard's anniversary soundset
  • AAX support for Pro Tools 10 & 11

- all packaged nicely in a free upgrade to Version 2.7!

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