Sascha Eversmeier

some trivia about Sascha...

Grew up in the western part of Germany, very close to that certain 'town that doesn't exist' (a common German internet joke...)

First encounter with electricity as a toddler, trying to examine the power outlet

Addicted to AC/DC experiments ever since

Studied a bit of EE back in the 90s, but quit and switched to taking software programming classes instead

Married with a real scientist, sometimes calling her 'resource control system'

Father of Lina & Greta, the cutest girls imaginable

Father of the digitalfishphones freeware plugins

Lives in Berlin-Steglitz since 2000 (a place suited best for the retired and settled), still dislikes Berlin somehow

Dislikes bad manners in daily city life, unreliable public transportation, unfriendly bus drivers

Dislikes most Berlin bycicle riders, but sometimes appreciates them using a lamp at least

Dislikes the home espresso machine for having such a small water tank

Dislikes his inability of thinking fast, especially with math

Dislikes Germany's private TV programs

Likes Germany's public TV & radio programs

Likes being the bass player in a rock band

Likes his guitarists for using drop-C tuning

Likes his Yamaha bass workhorse he bought cheap from a classmate's friend in the early 90s

Dislikes expensive bass guitar strings for always turning dull too soon

Dislikes synthesizer solos

Likes synth pop (there are no solos, normally)

Likes louder-than-bombs drummers, especially Sven and Roland

Likes infantile movies like 'Bill & Ted'

Likes SCUBA diving, whenever possible

Dislikes most kinds of sports, except swimming perhaps

Dislikes industrial food of all kinds

Likes cooking his own food, especially mediterranean

Dislikes Berlin Currywurst

Likes Westfalian Bratwurst

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