Urs Heckmann

some trivia about Urs...

industrial designer


software developer

lives in Berlin, Prenzlberg Charlottenburg

allergic against apples, but likes to use their computers

studied industrial design in Halle/Saale, but he could escape

born in Cologne, from where he could escape, too

father is a sculptor

grew up at the coast, North Sea

doesn't like crowds, especially not below his window at 4am

u-he was the shortest abbreviation of his name available for a domain name

once designed and developed a midi sequencer software for Sony Music Box theme park, shortly before it was closed down

drinks beer, red wine, whiskey and white russian - in that order

keeps personal email contact with customers

doesn't like marketing, thinks of it as telling lies all too often

likes cinema, favourite movie: Big Lebowski

infamous for heavy usage of smirking smileys

survived a broke period after a startup crash by producing tv commercials

met Putte in person

used to wear J. P. Gaultier eyeware but has recently switched to Versace

drinks too much black coffee

remembers telephone numbers 20 years after dialing them, e.g. 64978

forgets telephone numbers immediately after saving them on a sim card

tendency to workoholism and geekiness

lazy guy, nevertheless

lives in a flat community with his tax advisor who saves him from any sort of bureaucrazy

married Grrrl and lives in West Berlin since, uhm, even before then

rejected various job offers by acclaimed industry leaders

doesn't do contract work either, not anymore

has owned a patent, but didn't want to keep paying the hilarious fees

...it wasn't that useful anyway

hates webdesign (but offers to do the job)

writes this stuff in 3rd person fashion, which he thinks is a weird thing

loves his work

needs a new photo

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